It’s time for new forests

You buy shares.

We plant permanent forests.

You’ll get a portion of the returns.

What’s unique: your forest will live forever.

Generation Forests

We plant forests in places where there are no longer trees. We call this concept the generation forest. By imitating nature, our reforestation projects become real ecosystems: thanks to their biodiversity, natural habitats are created and allow beneficial migrations of both animals and plants. After a period of time, certain trees are carefully selected to be harvested, and their timber is sold in the sustainable market. Therefore, our forests do not only play an active role in climate protection, but they also regenerate soils, protect groundwater and are home to rare species of animals. In addition, they help creating fair long-term jobs.

With this concept, we hope to ensure that every generation leaves the planet in a better condition than ever before. To achieve this, we plant as many forests as possible with our experienced partners in forestry working together with our local colleagues. This project shows that both economics and the environment don’t need to be against each other. Together with us, you and like-minded people from all over the world, can be part of this movement. Planting sustainable forests, and through it investing in both plants and people, creates a stable global climate, biodiversity and good jobs. That is worth it!


See how your forest grows.

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‘I am convinced that planting forests with native tree species is the only way to save the Earth – even if many people are not aware of this yet’.

Guillermo Navarro
Senior forestry engineer at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)


Your impact

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14 Tonnen CO2 pro Hektar und Jahr


Gemeinsam mit unseren Kollegen vor Ort bieten wir langfristige und faire Arbeit.


In einer der artenreichsten Regionen bieten wir seltenen Tieren ein neues Zuhause.


Unsere Wälder helfen Boden zu schützen und für kommenende Generationen zu erhalten.


Wälder sind der größte Trinkwasserspeicher des Planeten.

Your Contacts at the Generation Forest Co-op

Dr. Andreas Renner

Dr. Andreas Renner

Your contact person for concerning questions on the membership as an investment for the future.

Tania Eke

Tania Eke

Tania is your contact person for those interested in the people of Panama and for on-site visits.

Niklas Veltmann

Niklas Veltmann

Your contact person for the areas of marketing & forests; if there is a story to tell about the Generation Forest Co-op, he is the person you are looking for.

Olaf Höwner

Olaf Höwner

Your contact person if you are interested in partnerships or in integrating sustainability in your business model.

Do you want to make a difference?

Planting forests is simple with us. Buy shares and you’ll be ready to save the planet, owning a forest as an impact-oriented investor.

Every share helps planting 500 m² of a new forest

Which is equivalent to €1,200 / monthly investment starts at 25€ per month

It protects the climate and the animals

Creates fair jobs in the Global South

Has an average annual growth rate of 3-6%*

*more detailed information of our business model can be found under “How It Works”. Also, our business plan is available for download. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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