Your forest enables a stable climate

  • A Healthy Climate

Deforestation is a considerable problem for the world’s climate. Combined with livestock farming and agriculture, it makes for about 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Amazingly enough, revegetation would have the same effect as if we completely eradicated the use of oil. Conclusively reforestation is an effective way to halt climate change, since our forests absorb CO2 and bind about 14 tons per hectare every year. This means that buying a share in the corporation would be as effective as switching to a vegetarian diet.

  • Fair and secure jobs

In Panama’s countryside, fair jobs are hard to find. As the global trend shows, many people are migrating to the cities. Most rural jobs don’t offer any kind of social security. We are therefore setting dignified standards in terms of both labor and living conditions for our local colleagues. We create equal-opportunity jobs for both men and women, where the access to education and further training is a central aspect. Each hectare of a generation forest creates more than a 1000 working hours each year.

  • Storage of drinking water

Forests are the world’s largest reserves of drinking water. Forests work as sponges: water doesn’t flow off at the surface but it seeps down into the ground instead, creating storages of groundwater. Even now, there are communities in Panama that suffer from an acute lack of water due to years of deforestation. In contrast to a plantation, a generation forest will stay forever and will therefore continuously store drinking water, effectively stabilizing the local water supply. Our forests create 27.400 liters of fresh groundwater per hectare every day.

  • Formation of Soils

Most soils in the tropics gets heavily damaged after deforestation. The forests are cut down to use the land for agricultural purposes. However, about 75% of the land isn’t even fit for agriculture or livestock. In these areas, we offer our generation forests as an alternative that makes sense. The constant presence of the leafy canopy protects the ground from the sun, wind and heavy rainfall. A generation forest creates 1,840kg of new soil per hectare each year, meaning that our solution is a way to preserve these fertile layers of soil for future generations.

  • A Habitat for Animals

Tropical forests are of immense importance for global biodiversity. While they only cover about 10% of the planet’s surface, they are home to 50% of terrestrial vegetation and wildlife. The area where our project takes place is one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world, at least in those places where forests still exist. Scientific studies helped us prove that our forests give a permanent home to rare species. In addition, they also interconnect remaining habitats.

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