Slow Finance

A stressless approach

Far away from the constant hustle and bustle of the financial markets, our trees keep growing day in and day out; and yet, they rank among the most valuable assets in the world.


Honest Calculations

The calculations made in our model are based on 20 years of experience by our forestry partners as well as scientific estimations. We deliberately chose not to include purely speculative assumptions such as rising timber and land prices.

Solid Financial Benefits

Opposing the deforestation of the tropics by using a feasible business model, we generate profits for the members of the cooperative.

High value timbers from sustainable cultivation

Profits from a 500m2 generation forest

Source: illustrative model calculation taken from the 2016 business plan by the Generation Forest Co-op

The density of trees with commercial value in our generation forests leads to a gain than can be attractive for long-term-oriented investors. On the other hand,the degree of intervention is compatible with the preservation of habitats for species with global significance.
Gabriel Labbate

Program Manager for UN-REDD

Where does your money go?







The value of your shares keeps growing with the trees

The increase in value is adjusted accordingly

By mid-2018, a rise in the price of entry fee will reflect the increasing values of our forests. This entry fee is based on the growth of forests and thereby it shows their value.

A key factor to promote fairness

The entry fee is a key factor that promotes fairness, because future profits will be distributed proportionally among all members, no matter when they entered.

Cost Neutrality

For the business plan itself the surcharge will remain neutral. When more money per share comes in, it is used for planting more trees.

In our business plan, we also conducted a comprehensive risk assessment.

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A Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise, we are committed to our mission. There aren’t hidden founders, Board members, or investors that keeps the profits.

Transparency and honesty

It is possible to run businesses differently. We are more than happy to share financial models, business figures and contracts with all interested parties. Visitors are always welcome in both Hamburg and our forests.

Member Protection

Due to thorough pre-start-up and mandatory audits our members are optimally protected. In the event of losses there is a legal exemption from obligations to make an additional contribution as stated by our statutes.









Oh, how beautiful is Panama

Panama is the ideal country for our first projects. To illustrate our argument, we have collected three key aspects.

Reliable Conditions

Panama is a staunch member of the international community with democratic structures, that also uses the US dollar. Additionally, there is Bilateral Investments Protection and Promotion Agreements with Germany as well as other countries such as the UK and the US, among others



A special asset of tropical forests is their immense growth rate. Some trees are ready for harvesting after only 25 years, whereas a European Oak takes 80-120 years to reach maturity in comparison.

A Strong Partner

During their 20 years of experience, our forestry partners have implemented the largest reforestation project in Central America, using native tree species. They are the first certified social enterprise in Panama.

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