Generation Forests

1. Land Selection

Pasture or monoculture plantations. Start of the conversion into a generation forest.

2. First planting

Selection of appropriate native tree species for planting. At a later date: thinning of the first generation of trees and planting of the next generation.

3. Timber Sales

Harvesting of older trees to sell their high value timber. Planting of the next generation. Start of benefit-distribution to the members.

4. Permanent forests

New habitats for both animals and people. Protection of the climate and soil. Stable and sustainable cycle of harvesting, timber sales, and replanting.

Four advantages

native tree species

higher CO2 absorption rates

more biodiversity

continuous cash flow



Our first project

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In Zukunft

La Reina

The landscape of the area surrounding our project at Palmas Bellas is characterized by monocultures and livestock farming. La Reina was covered by rainforest until the late 1980s. when it was cleared to create pastures. Due to the decreased life-sustaining capacity of the soil, numbers of livestock have declined steadily over the years. Then the farmer decided to sell the land to a Panamanian investor, who used it to plant a teak monoculture in 2012.

In the long run, we will replace the teak with a generation forest. In 2017, we laid the groundwork by planting eight hectares of forest, showing for the first time how a monoculture plantation can be turned into a diverse forest by using native species. These trees are perfectly adapted to the local environment, which means that they grow faster and stronger than their exotic counterparts. As well, they create habitats for animals, such as howler monkeys, ocelots and dozens of rare birds.

Here you find La Reina’s location

Are you keen on visiting right away? No problem. Our project’s location is conveniently situated by the famous Panamerican highway, which spans the continents between Alaska and Argentina. GPS location: 8.845181 °, – 78.255667 °

Our forestation partners

We are proud to be partners with Futuro Forestal, pioneers in tropical forestry and one of the best established reforestation companies in Latin America. As one of the initiators and co-founders of the Generation Forest Co-op, and as developers of the generation forest concept itself, they have been planting sustainable forests for more than 20 years.






• founded in Panama in 1994 by Panama’s forest engineer Iliana Armién and Andreas Eke from Germany

• they have planted 9000 hectares of trees for individuals, families, institutional investors and industrial customers

• establishment of a seed bank containing more than 70 different native tropical quality timbers; 20 of which have been classified as commercial-grade

• first FSC and CCBA certified projects in both Panama and Nicaragua

• cooperation with the Generation Forest Co-op in social projects and scientific studies

• first global transactions in CO2 trade

• first Panamanian “Certified B Corporation”

• “Best of the World” award by B Lab in 2017

• implementation of the largest reforestation program in Central America using native species on Cébaco island

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